PLAYBACK 22: Sennheiser HD 800 Headphones

Sennheiser HD800
PLAYBACK 22: Sennheiser HD 800 Headphones

Sennheiser HD 800: Another View, an updated and expanded version of this review (thanks to the discussion here) can be found in the forums.

Additional commentary and thoughts also can be found in the Ask It: Sennheiser HD 800 in the Headphone Forum.

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Specs & Pricing

Sennheiser HD 800 Headphones

  • Mini-plug to phone jack adapter
  • Satin-lined storage box

Weight: 330 grams
Sensitivity: 102dB
Impedance: 300 ohms
Price: $1399.95

(860) 434-9190

Ancillary equipment used: Esoteric DV-60 universal player, Lector CDP-7 CD player, Musical Fidelity V-DAC, Benchmark DAC 1 Pre, Luxman P200 headphone amp, PS Audio GCHA headphone amp, Head-Direct EF1 headphone amp, Woo Audio WA 22 prototype headphone amp, Nordost cable

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