PLAYBACK 24: Grado SR325is Headphones

Grado Laboratories SR325is

An interesting headphone given its’ provenance, but can it compete with offerings from Sennheiser, or for that matter Shure or even Grado itself?



Consider this headset if: you want headphones with excellent transparency but you want to avoid the edgy or harsh sound that often comes with seemingly transparent headphones.

Look elsewhere if: you need state of the art performance at the frequency extremes or if you need/want closed-back phones due to your environment or as a matter of preference.

Ratings (compared to similarly-priced headphones)

  • Tonal Balance:  9
  • Clarity: 9.5
  • Dynamics: 9
  • Comfort/Fit: 8.5
  • Sensitivity: 9
  • Value: 9.5

Sonic Character

The thing that immediately strikes you about the 325 is the clarity and smoothness of the midrange. For those not raised from birth on audiophile Kool-Aid, I should be clear that this observation carries more weight than might be readily apparent. The fundamental tones of most instruments are in the mid-range. Get the mid-range right, and you’re 80% of the way home. As easy as the sentence is to write, I should also be clear that it isn’t that easy to do. Check out my Sennheiser HD800 review for a discussion of a high-end headphone that struggles just slightly in this area. And, yes, I am saying you can validly compare and cross shop the SR325is and the HD800 (assuming your goal is musical accuracy).

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