PLAYBACK 24: Grado SR325is Headphones

Grado Laboratories SR325is
PLAYBACK 24: Grado SR325is Headphones
  • When you step up from the SR60i to the SR325i, you get a more refined version of the Grado sound, with deeper bass and a smoother mid-range and treble presentation.
  • The highly regarded Shure SRH840 provides a closer price point alternative. The Shures seem more extended in the bass and about as well balanced, but lack the “Nth” degree of transparency and openness of the Grados.
  • The Sennheiser HD 650 is more costly than the Grados. It has a warmer sound, which I would view as less accurate, and also has less transparency and smoothness when compared with the SR325is. The Sennheisers could be considered more polite and forgiving.

Comfort Factor/Accessories

The Grado ear cups are spongy, but the metal driver housings touched my ear. Fortunately clamping force is low, so this isn’t painful. Over time, I did develop a pressure point that required moving the 325s around. I thought they were comfortable for about an hour.

The SR 325is comes with a one-meter cord and a phone plug. If you’re using them in portable mode (with an adapter), or next to a PC, that’s good; for everyone else an extension cord is in order. With an extension cord I didn’t like the fact that the plug would yank the headphones if it fell off my lap.

I didn’t find the SR325is to be particularly amplifier sensitive. I did slightly prefer the Luxman P200 (solid state) amp to the Woo WA22 (tube).

Bottom Line:

Grado’s SR325is is a transparent headphone that seems to have been voiced by musicians. This headphone will make you think very hard about why you would spend more, particularly if musical accuracy is your goal and if frequency extension isn’t at the top of your list of needs.

Specs & Pricing

Grado SR325is Headphones

Accessories: None
Weight: unspecified
Sensitivity: 98dB (1mv input)
Impedance: 32 ohms
Price: $295

Grado Labs, Inc.
4614 Seventh Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11220
(718) 435-5340

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