PMC fact.12 loudspeakers

PMC Fact 12

Those black drivers may look run of the mill, but contain two firsts for PMC, a 50mm midrange dome and metal coned bass drivers. The dome is based on PMC’s 75mm dome that you see in its pro monitors and bigger domestic loudspeakers, I asked Ollie why they used a dome rather than a cone and he pointed out that this is the case across the range. The reason being that dispersion is better with a dome, cones are more directional, and, equally important, they prefer the timbre of domes. He accepts that there is a trade-off in terms of power handling at lower frequencies, which is why the bass drivers on the fact.12 cover the range up to 500Hz. I did ask why they didn’t simply employ the 75mm dome in this speaker and discovered that on the practical side its magnet is too wide to fit inside the box. On the sonic side a smaller dome can do high frequencies with greater ease, which might explain many of my findings.

The tweeter is the only part that the 12 shares with the other fact models, it’s a Sonomex dome with a metal grille that’s designed to enhance dispersion. Are you beginning to see a pattern here? The bass drivers are very long throw types with profiled aluminium cones that have a special coating designed to minimise resonance. As with all PMCs, the drivers are loaded with an advanced transmission line (ATL) rather than a reflex port. That’s what the two black lozenges are at its base; they are the twin-vents on an ATL and sit at the end of a 3.3 metre line. As is usually the case, the line is damped in such a way that only the lowest frequencies make it to the outside world in order that they remain in phase with the driver output.

PMC understands as well as any professional monitor manufacturer that room acoustics play an integral part in the sound of any loudspeaker. For this reason they have included switches that allow you to tune the response of the fact.12, these are on the lozenge shaped terminal panel, and offer plus or minus 1.5dB in the treble and a 3dB variation at low frequencies.

The fact.12 is in another league to most of the dynamic loudspeakers I’ve encountered, and it has qualities that none of the panel speakers that have come my way have been able to deliver, primarily in the dynamics and low-end speed department. This is a phenomenally fast loudspeaker across the board and the better an amplifier is in this respect the better they sound. In fact, the same goes for everything you use with the fact.12; it lets you know precisely what it’s doing, be it good or otherwise. It’s the sort of speaker that takes no prisoners, but it also has the ability to reach the parts that others can’t and has a refreshing effect on everything you play.

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