Postcards from CanJam London - Part 2

Earphones and in-ear monitors,
Headphone amps and amp/DACs
Postcards from CanJam London - Part 2

This pictorial blog represents Part 2 of our "Postcards from CanJam London" series and is our attempt to convey some of the sheer diversity of the products on display at the event. From mega-priced/ultra-high-performance headphones and headphone amplifiers on down to excellent yet reasonably priced model, CanJam London featured something for everyone interested in the best personal audio has to offer.

As always, we apologise in advance to any worthy manufacturers whose products we inadvertently may have overlooked.

Acoustic Research

Once associated primarily with bookshelf-type loudspeakers, the name Acoustic Research now refers, among other things, to an ambitious range of portable digital audio products such as the GBP 899 M2 digital audio player/headphone amplifier shown here.


Audeze's powerful and sensibly priced £599 Deckard headphone amplifier/hi-res DAC was used as the power plant of choice for Audeze's many headphone demonstration stations at CanJam London.


The open-back Audeze EL-8 planar magnetic headphone (£599) shown here makes a concerted effort to bring the vaunted Audeze sound available at a more accessible price point than ever before. 


Hailing from the great American music city of Nashville, Tennessee, Aurisonic's Bravo-series universal-fit earphones--the £249 Kicker, the £379 Forte, and the £489 Harmony--leverage technologies drawn from Aurisonic's more costly range of custom-fit in-ear monitors.


For CanJam London, Beyerdynamic rolled out its brand new DT 1770 Pro headphone (£699), which represents a significant update on the design of the firm's venerable DT 770 model.

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