Primephonic launches dedicated classical listening guide Maestro

Primephonic launches dedicated classical listening guide Maestro

From the Primephonic press release

Classical music streaming service Primephonic has announced the launch of Maestro, an in-app listening guide offering detailed, step-by- step walkthroughs of classic works, to satisfy user demand.

There is a broad interest in learnings across beginners and advanced listeners. Users engage heavily with current features like educational artists podcasts, insights behind the classics, and album booklets, so Maestro is a welcome addition to Primephonic’s streaming offering.

Speaking of the announcement, Primephonic CEO Thomas Steffens said “We are so pleased to introduce Maestro. Much like our digital CD booklets, an easily digestible listening guide like Maestro is a must-have for classical music enthusiasts. Our subscribers are passionate about the genre and, therefore, want to absorb as much information about the works as possible. Classical music has a history stretching back centuries, giving us so many wonderful stories that we want to share with the listener. Here at Primephonic, we are proud to pioneer features such as these. In fact, no streaming service in the world offers it. Maestro will enrich the listening experience of long-time classical fans, while at the same time helping ‘classical beginners’ to appreciate the genre on a deeper level.”

A 14-day free trial can be activated on or a full subscription activated for £9.99 (Premium) or £14.99 (Platinum) a month.

About Primephonic

Primephonic is a Dutch American company that has developed a dedicated classical music streaming service. Founded in 2017, the service now boasts over three and a half million tracks from 170,000 artists across almost 230,000 albums and 2,400 labels and is considered the world's largest specialist library of classical music. Its smart search is built from the ground up, using eight parameters to organise its music rather than the three parameters used on Spotify/Apple Music. Plus, each piece of metadata is entered manually by Primephonic’s team of classical music fanatics instead of relying on AI. Find the exact work, composer or album you’re looking for in seconds, and browse the results with ease. And, for those classical audiophiles out there, stream curated podcasts and playlists in 24-bit lossless FLAC.

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