Pryma 01 headphones

Pryma Pryma 01
Pryma 01 headphones

I’m not an audio writer; I’m an audio widow. I’m married to the editor and we live in a house seemingly made out of cardboard boxes. Usually, I’m the silent partner in all this audio stuff, but not this time. You see, when Alan opened the box for the new Pryma headphones from Sonus faber, I wrenched them out of his hands so fast I almost broke two of his fingers. And they aren’t going back. So this is the trade off.

Almost all of my music listening is on headphones now; sometimes to drown out the same piece of music being played over and over again as Alan reviews yet another black box, and sometimes when listening to a lunchtime podcast. But, I must admit, most headphones seem designed for a very male audience in their ‘functional’ black or silver finishes. The brightly coloured Beats and their kin are an alternative, but their looks only seem to work hanging off young ears. What is there in headphones for the more grown-up part of 51% of the population, like me?

Pryma headphones come in five finishes – black carbon fibre with silver fittings and a ‘marsala’ brown leather headband; gloss white with silver fittings and a coffee leather headband; two gloss black variants with a black leather headband; one with silver and one with gold fittings; and a dark, smoky, almost chocolatey grey one with rose gold fittings. We – that is to say ‘I’ – got the rose gold version. Replacement headbands are available to customise your headphones, and replacement magnetically-bonded ear-pads will follow suit.

The Pryma headphones come in a large, elegant presentation case with the kind of ‘blurb’ you might find on perfume bottles. If the style of the Pryma headphones themselves wasn’t enough, the words, “To the style of your shoes to the bag on your shoulder. It’s in the details,” say this is a product for the fashion conscious, and not necessarily the fashion conscious metrosexual man.

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