PS Audio Factory Tour - The PerfectWaves Are Coming…

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PS Audio Factory Tour - The PerfectWaves Are Coming…

I visited the PS audio factory in Boulder Colorado. I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking, but anyone who’s been waiting for a PerfectWave DAC, or PerfectWave transport, will be happy to know that the first 25 Beta samples will be going out at the end of the week.

I saw the production line for the PerfectWave products and after beta testing is completed PS audio has all the parts in place to be able to produce on average 10 pairs per day.

Because it is impossible to lay out text so it goes where I'd like to put it - next to the pictures, I'm going to have to put all the captions at the top.

The graphic designer in me is fuming, but this is the only way I can do it.

We'll start with some shots of the assembly and QC area.

Next you'll see the analog circuit board for the PerfectWave DAC.

Then some Power Play AC devices getting their final QC burn-in.

The large stack of Power Plays are all waiting for their turn on the QC table..

The last two photos are of a PerfectWave Transprot and DAC going through final check-out.

Notice on the close-up of the display for the PerfectWave DAC that the bit rate is clearly displayed on the left. No longer will anyone have to guess about whether there high definition music files are really being sent to the DAC in high definition.

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