PSB VisionSound 5.1-channel Speaker System

PSB VisionSound
PSB VisionSound 5.1-channel Speaker System

The SubSeries 5i subwoofer sounded punchy, providing very good bass pitch definition, and decent though not exceptional bass extension. At first, the system’s mid-bass sounded overly ripe, but careful placement and bass management adjustments yielded clear and potent bass sufficient even for the overblown effects heard in King Kong.

In fact, the VS300s and SubSeries 5i could really crank when the need arose, maintaining composure even during the abrupt dynamic shifts that accompany several of the jump-cut scenes in Crash. More than most plasma speaker systems, the VisionSound rig offers serious dynamic wallop.

PSB’s VisionSound 300 system offers the rich, suave, sound quality you’d expect from a big freestanding speaker system, but in the sleek, visually unobtrusive format of a plasma system. Add to that the VS300’s flexible mounting options and sophisticated crossover networks, and you’ve got speakers whose versatility is tough to beat.

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