PSI Audio A 14M Active Powered Loudspeaker (TAS 212)

PSI Audio A 14M
PSI Audio A 14M Active Powered Loudspeaker (TAS 212)

During the fifteen years that J. Gordon Holt and I worked together we spent many evenings discussing all matters related to audio. One of Gordon’s criticisms of the high end was the lack of powered and active speakers for home use. For years he tried to review professional speakers used by recording engineers and, as often as not, these reviews never saw the light of day because his editors didn’t think readers were interested in pro gear.Times have changed. With more and more audiophiles embracing computer and server-based audio, their systems are looking more and more like the “pro” systems used to make recordings. So why not go all the way, and try using a pair of professional monitors as well? Enter the PSI Audio A 14M Active Powered Loudspeakers.

For many audiophiles the terms “active” and “powered” are interchangeable. To them it refers to a speaker that has an amplifier built into the speaker so it requires no external amplification. But actually these two terms are different. “Powered” means that a speaker has amplifiers built in, but it may not be “active” in that it has no gain devices in the crossover section. An “active” device is one where the crossover has more than just passive resistive and capacitive parts, but has some form of active circuitry. By these definitions the PSI Audio A 14M is both powered and active.

Who Are PSI Audio?

Alain Roux started PSI Audio in 1975 when he designed his first speakers. In 1988 Roux relocated PSI’s factory to its current home in Yverdon, Switzerland, and in 1991 PSI expanded into analog and digital electronics with a new division headed by Christian Martin. This combination of specialties makes it possible for PSI to create unique loudspeakers.

Over the past 25 years PSI has designed and manufactured speakers for many consumer and professional applications. A good part of PSI’s output has been OEM (original equipment manufacturer) projects for large international firms, and many of these products have gone on to be market leaders in their particular categories. Non-disclosure agreements prevent me from listing them, but, if I did, most likely you’d recognize more than a few of the names. Recently PSI has refocused its attention on its own branded products, specifically A Series speakers, which range from the desk-top-sized A 14M to an A 214M floorstander.

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