Purist Audio Design Genesis Praesto Revision interconnects

Purist Audio Design Genesis Praesto Revision interconnects

Lke all Purist Audio Design cables, its lower priced Genesis interconnect has recently undergone what the company calls its Praesto Revision (Purist is clearly up for a spot of Latin). This took the previous cables and uprated the metallurgy, shielding and consistency of appearance of the range. Purist’s founder, Jim Aud, is convinced stray magnetic fields are the cause of a lot of audio’s problems and as such rather than using pure metal conductors, Purist features strands of a copper, silver and gold alloy, with a similar foil shield and drain wire, a Teflon dielectric, a nice braded jacket and what look like rhodium plugs. The cable is cryo-treated three times. Purist recommends a 200-hour burn in on music programme; burning in devices as short cuts are strongly discouraged. As this was a single cable instead of a complete system, I left it cooking between an old CD player and preamp in the loft, chewing on a diet of Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds for a month.

These are good cables. So good in fact, I started this review thinking they were the Proteus Provectus that costs 10 times as much as the Genesis cables! At that price point they weren’t going to play the ‘exceptional’ card, but they were good. I thought they were a bit ‘spendy’ for the performance they offer at more than two grand. 

So, at £214, they are a steal!

The Genesis cables have excellent bass, clean extended treble and the bit in between is in the good to very good range. It’s very grain-free and very ‘quietening’, across the board. It’s like that moment when the lights go down and the audience is stilled, before the performance begins. It’s not ‘all top, all bottom and nothing in between’ but Genesis is more Tchaikovsky than Brahms, say; more Dizzy than Miles, more Kurt Cobain than Kurt Wagner. It’s an exciting sounding cable, perhaps best suited for entry level trying for full-range speakers rather than the mid-range extension programme we often pass off as a loudspeaker here. 

I will rectify the error of my ways and run in the real £2,000 Proteus Provectus cables for a review in a later issue. For now though, the Genesis does give a real taste of the high-end, without the high-end price tag


Conductor: Stranded, silver, copper and gold alloy
Shielding: Foil, with drain wire
Dielectric: Teflon
Gauge: 24 AWG
Capacitance: 121pF/m ±15% (pin-to-shield)
Resistance: 14.2mW/m (conductor)
Price: £214/m pair

Manufactured by: 
Purist Audio Design
URL: www.puristaudiodesign.com

Distributed by:
Mackenzie Hi-Fi
URL: www.mackensiehifi.com
Tel: 07905 362545

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