Quadraspire QPlus Reference Acoustic Interface Feet

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Quadraspire QPlus Reference
Quadraspire QPlus Reference Acoustic Interface Feet

Last year, equipment support expert Quadraspire took a long, hard look at the world of audio furniture. With the move to downsize systems and many audio enthusiasts turning in dozens of products for a single does-it-all box as a result, the need for a multi-level dedicated audio support system diminishes. However, these audio buyers have not abandoned their quest for better sound simply by buying a single box. Many of these enthusiasts would happily use something like a Quadraspire X-Reference for performance sake, if only they had more than one product to place upon its shelves. 

The QPlus Reference Acoustic Interface Feet are made to replace Quadraspire’s Soundstage platform. QPlus are puck-like things, designed to sit directly under the feet of any audio component (except loudspeakers) and act like the brand’s X-Reference rack. There is also an Advanced model (designed to mimic the SVT rack) and a thinner Evo model (that replicates a Q4EVO rack), but we only had the Reference models in for testing.

They arrive in a small case, with each puck inside a small aluminium inner case about the width but slightly taller than a tin of shoe polish… I’ve been told. The puck itself has a collar of phosphor bronze (aluminium in the Advanced and Evo models) with bamboo facings top and bottom, with three little bolts holding the bamboo in place. In the Evo model, the three bolts are reduced to just one bolt in that central hole.

To give the QPlus Reference a run for their money, I placed these under the Naim Uniti Nova one-box system (which, sadly, went back not long after this review), and placed the Quadraspire’d Naim on a heavy and distinctly non-audio cabinet. The improvements that you get from Quadraspire’s X-Reference rack – better ‘shape’ and definition of sounds, cleaner bass lines, more open midrange – apply here. Yes, the full X-Reference rack is better but not so much better that the two are significantly different. The QPlus is 85% of a X-Reference in something that stands as tall as three or four Oreos. The effect is cumulative too; add QPlus Reference pucks to equipment resting on an X-Reference rack and that clarity and precision all move up a notch. I tried them on a number of products on tables, in racks, and on Quadraspire’s own racks, and in each case the sound was consistently improved in a distinct Quadraspire ‘clean, open, and taut’ manner. 

A sign they are doing things right was that I almost immediately missed the Quadraspire QPlus Reference when I had to take them out of my system. It’s not as if the whole system falls apart or comes to a crashing halt; it’s more like the system’s ability to shine was dulled, and dulled enough to justify their inclusion. QPlus is a neat solution that does bring almost all of the performance Quadraspire X-Reference to the table… regardless of table. Whether your demands are to get what Quadraspire can deliver but without adding a full-sized equipment rack in the listening room or wanting to eek that little more Quadraspire goodness from an existing X-Reference rack, the QPlus Reference is the perfect tool for the job. And besides, few things in life are as satisfying as a really good puck.

Price and contact details

Quadraspire QPlus acoustic interface feet

QPlus Reference (as tested): £899.95/set of four

QPlus Advanced: £299.95/set of four

QPlus Evo: £119.95/set of four

Manufactured by: Quadraspire

URL: quadraspire.co.uk

Tel: +44(0)1761 452 178

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