Quadraspire X-Reference equipment support system

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Quadraspire X-Reference
Quadraspire X-Reference equipment support system

Although the concept of a demonstration at the point of sale is core to high-performance audio, when it comes to equipment support systems, few companies have the guts to actually demonstrate. Quadraspire is one of the rare exceptions: a company that not only produces a range of equipment tables that improve with each step up the line, but is insistent upon people auditioning the product through demonstration. That doesn’t mean you can’t buy a Quadraspire product without a demonstration, but the company trains its dealers in the importance of the demo.

Faced with racks that cost tens of thousands, Quadraspire delivers a more ‘high-performance at good value’ product, to the point where the new X-Reference series is the company’s first product in Quadraspire’s 20 year history to top £1,000 per shelf/level. As ever with the brand, this is a modular system, with you picking one of four standard (or custom) upright sizes for your equipment and the number of shelves in your rack. The individual shelves are made from X-shelf bamboo as standard for the best ventilation and sonic performance, or can be supplied in SVT bamboo or natural wood veneer. So, what makes the X-Reference so different?

Other Quadraspire tables use screw-in uprights that fit into the collars of the individual shelf, but the X-Reference adds two layers of additional coupling for energy dissipation, as each shelf is supplied with a quartet of bronze spike feet that fit into bronze cups on the larger X-shaped bamboo base. The uprights for the X-Reference screw into these large X-shaped bases and are larger, with larger threads.

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