Reed Muse 3C turntable and 3P arm

Reed 3P,
Reed Muse 3C

If the deck is great, then the tonearm is excellent. It’s lively, entertaining, and ever so slightly warm and rich sounding; an almost perfect counterpart to the turntable in fact. OK, so if you are looking for the ultimate in analytical neutrality, keep looking, but as a beguiling performer that draws out the passion and fire in a recording, the 3P comes highly recommended.

Reed’s Lithuanian duo are not just yet another blah turntable and arm combination. These two are extremely clever, great sounding devices on their own, that work brilliantly together. Recommended!



Drive: Friction or belt (optional), two DC motors

Tonearm options: mounting arm boards for up to two tonearms, any standard mount, effective legths from 9.5” to 12”

Speeds: 33 1/3 rpm, 45 rpm

Speed stabilisation: Quartz-based PLL

Max deviation of average speed: 0.003%

Inclinometer accuracy: 1mm per metre

Power supply: DC 12V, via 100-240V AC adaptor

Finish: Brushed aluminium platter and plinth, option of white or black connecting ‘wings’ to arm bases

Dimensions (WxDxH): 55x43x24cm

Weight: 25kg

Price: £13,750

REED 12” 3P tonearm

Effective length: 12” (9.5” and 10.5” arms also available)

Mounting distance: 295.6mm

Overhang: 13.4mm

Offset angle: 17.6°

Effective mass: 19g (with cocobolo armwand)

Cable options: Finewire C37 as standard, cryo-treated with two choices of RCA plugs as an option

Finishes: seven coatings for metal components, choice of four wood armwands

Price: from £3,000

Manufactured by: UAB


Distributed in the UK by: Select Audio


Tel: +44 (0)1900 601954

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