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RHA TrueConnect
RHA TrueConnect wireless Bluetooth earphones

Bluetooth earphones are among the most popular products in personal audio today. This trend has emerged thanks to Apple’s decision to build smartphones that no longer include 3.5mm headphone jacks—a step that made traditional wired earphones seem obsolete and gave rise to a generation of earphones that connect to smartphones wirelessly. In response, many manufacturers developed 'neckband-style' wireless earphones, which feature traditional wired-type earphones tethered to neckband-style, battery-powered Bluetooth modules. 

However, since Apple’s release of its ingenious AirPod-series earphones so-called 'True Wireless' earphones have become all the rage. Unlike neckband-style Bluetooth earphones, 'True Wireless' earphones have no wires whatsoever. Instead, their earpieces contain not only the requisite earphone drive units, but also miniature, Bluetooth transceiver/amplifier modules complete with rechargeable batteries. The earpiece electronics are designed to ensure the earpieces stay in sync with one another, meaning there are no discernible time delays between the left and right channels.

'True Wireless' earphone carry cases serve double-duty as fast chargers that can recharge earphones multiple times before the cases themselves must be recharged. The draw, obviously, is that this solution gives listeners complete freedom of movement, although the challenge for manufacturers involves fitting an awful lot of technology (plus drive units) within the tight confines of an earpiece enclosure. One of the most attractive and appealing 'True Wireless' models we have encountered to date is the RHA TrueConnect earphone ($169.95 or £149.95), as reviewed here.

We have covered RHA’s wired earphones extensively in the past and two consistent threads we have observed is their emphasis on 'musicality' (a warm, natural, and musically engaging sound that works for all genres of music) and 'value' (offering noticeably higher build quality and accessories, plus better sound quality than many like-priced competitors). Happily, these traits carry forward into the TrueConnect earphones.

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