RMAF 2011 Report - Digital Audio

Disc players,
Digital-to-analog converters,
USB interfaces, clocks, and soundcards
Red Wine Audio Audez'e DAC

Moving upmarket, Peachtree Audio unveiled a $4295 integrated and $2999 preamp. Both are part of their new Grand series of products and feature 32-bit ESS Sabre DACs, USB 2.0 compatibility, and tubes in their preamp stages. Driving the new $22,900 Sonus Faber Elipsa special edition speakers the Grand integrated sounded superb on my high-resolution files.

Network Players

Naim continues to expand its network players with two new devices. The $3495 ND5 XS features wired or wireless UPnP streaming along with both Internet and AM/FM radio (with the FM/DAB module). The SuperUniti all-in-one player includes an 80Wpc amplifier plus complete UPnP interoperability.

Laufer Teknik The Memory Player 64 (up to $25,000, depending on options) can be configured a variety of ways. It upsamples to 32 bits and offers the option of a direct-to-DAC signal path that completely bypasses all unwanted output circuitry.

Salk, which is better known for its fine speakers, has moved into electronics with its StreamPlayer. Priced at $1299, the player supports up to 192/24 files via all inputs. Designed to be a minimalist music player, its entire operating system and applications are all on a single 4GB flash card.

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