RMAF 2011 Report - Digital Audio

Disc players,
Digital-to-analog converters,
USB interfaces, clocks, and soundcards
Red Wine Audio Audez'e DAC

Best Small Room Sound

This was tough. Best overall sound was a dead heat between Synergistic Research’s room 8030 with the YG Kipod II Signature speakers and Empirical Audio’s Iris room with the YG Kipod II Signature speakers.

Synergistic’s room included its new active FireWire 800 cable, “The Music Cable” DAC/cable all-in-one solution, SR’s Element Copper/Tungsten interconnect cable, Element copper/tungsten/silver speaker cables, PowerCell 10 SE Mk II AC device, and Enigma Mk II valve PowerCell AC device, Mach2 Music server, Esoteric C-03 Preamp, and full SR ART room treatment system.

The Empirical Audio system included the Empirical Audio Overdrive Ultra DAC, Balanced Power Technologies BPT CPC power conditioner, BPT PC-12NT and PC-9LNT power cords, BPT IC-SLT interconnects, BPT SC-6 signature PLUS speaker cables, GIK tri traps, Art Panels, and Q7D diffuser, and a Mach2 Music server.

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