RMAF Day One: First looks and First Watts

Tubed power amplifiers,
Artemis Labs LA1,
Artemis Labs SA-1 Turntable
RMAF Day One: First looks and First Watts

Nelson Pass’ latest project is the First Watt J2 power amplifier. This $4,000 stereo model is a 25 watt design, running entirely in Class A mode. The simple two-stage circuit sports JFET devices at the input and power stages, in a design known as a ‘mu follower’ among tube enthusiasts. And it’s tube lovers who are going to fall for the First Watt, it sounds wonderfully warm and rich.

Artemis Labs is proving to be an increasingly fascinating company. Perhaps best known for its excellent LA-1 linestage preamp and PH-2 phono stage, the company's $1,000-per-watt, 18watt SP-1 two chassis (but not mono) power amp is every bit as exciting. Now, Artemis Labs' SA-1 turntable keeps popping up all over, often accompanied by a Schröder tonearm. The company has announced its making its own tonearm (looking not unlike a Schröder in its own right) and that features a green cartridge built with the guys from Soundsmith. This $2,850 moving iron design cartridge has a lot of promise...

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