Rocky Mountain Audio Fest: The Best of the Best

Show report

Nola stepped up to the plate and came out swinging with their new $12,000 KO2 floorstander, which delivered a huge acoustic space and serious dynamic impact, driven by an ARC Ref 8 Cd player and VAC Sigma 160i integrated amp.

VANA also served up the expected musical treat, pairing Primare electronics with Audio Physic Avanti speakers. But where they really scored was in the choice of records played on the Dr Feickert ‘table: Thomas Dolby certainly scared himself and Van was definitely The Man.

Special mention too for Musical surroundings who used the latest Aesthetix Atlas Eclipse stereo amplifier to pound the Focal Sopra 2s within millimetres of their life – a situation the speakers accepted with typically Gallic aplomb. They may be smaller than last year’s Scala V2s, but it was still a case of, “Metallica? Mais oui!”

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