Rocky Mountain Audio Fest – Part One


Hegel showed the $3,000 Röst all-in-one integrated design at last, and was also demonstrating its $5,000 Mohican CD player. Hegel shows its products fighting above their weight by partnering them with more exotic loudspeakers than you might expect from a $3,000 amp – this time it was the turn of $19,000 Sonus faber Amati loudspeakers. Despite the Röst being the product of tomorrow, everyone wanted to know about Mohican. “CD’s dead, but it’s still got some life in it!” I heard one person say as they walked out of the room.

Supercapacitor power supplies were all the rage, with makers producing banks of capacitors to act as a smoothing power reserve for a range of lower-level products like preamps and even – in the case of Kronos – a turntable. Jeff Rowland made the neatest of all, with its new $8,200 PSU power supply with 24x 360F caacitors designed to act like a battery and visually and electronically match the company’s Aeris DAC and Corus preamplifier.

Lejonklou might not be a name that rolls off the tongue instantly, but the company has been making quite a name for itself, especially among the Linn fraternity looking for a MM phono stage and separates amplifiers. At RMAF, the company announced its new $4,199 Boazu integrated amplifier. This small integrated line amp was playing through an LP12 on the new $599 NOKTable (reminiscent of AudioTech of old) and through JBL 3677s from the cinema. Impressive and up-beat!

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