Rocky Mountain Audio Fest - Part Two

Our last look at Denver from the traditional audio side


Peachtree and Zu Audio work well together sonically and philosophically. Both are trying to upturn the ideals and ideas of high-end audio by making high performance products at good value. The demonstration in a large room switched between two Peachtree integrated amps and several large and small speakers. The star of the show was the Zu Soul Supreme (in vivid blue at $4,500 per pair) playing through the excellent and upcoming Peachtree Decco125. This smart amp-meets-headphone-DAC made a thrilling large-room filling sound, and is expected to cost $999 without WiFi and $1,199 with. This has to be one of the true value stars of the show!

Synergistic Research had one of the most packed rooms at the show. Even during the slow-down Sunday, Ted Denney’s room was constantly packed out, as he showcased the performance of the brand’s latest UEF treatment to every aspect of an audio system. The system itself set a high bar in a low room, featuring Berkeley digital and VAC analogue electronics, and a pair of Magico S3 loudspeakers in a room too small for such a system. Regardless, Synergistic’s systematic treatment brought out the quality of the sound impressively. The latest component in the system is the new PowerCell 12 UEF ($5,995 in its full glass-topped glory) line conditioner, which uses graphene in its EM cell system, and reclocks the AC with the Earth’s Schumann resonance!

Peter McGrath of Wilson Audio Specialities talks us through the finer points of the new $25,500 Yvette. Wilson Audio seems pathologically incapable of making a bad loudspeaker, but the Yvette (which replaces the Sophia 3) is exceptional, even by the standards of category-defining speakers like the Sabrina and Alexia. Yet another Daryl Wilson design, the new three-way, easy driving, 175lb single box loudspeaker – played through a fine Brinkmann/dCS/VTL/HRS/Nordost system – was one of the high-points of the show, even if the total cost came to more than half a million dollars. 

Wyred 4 Sound was showing two new products at the show. It’s new SX-1000R mono power amp is a real power house, delivering 625W into eight ohms, and yet costs just $1,499 per unit. It’s joined by the $499 PS-1 modular linear power supply, that takes the place of up to four wall-wart PSUs and delivers high-grade DC juice without switch mode supply noise!

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