Roon Ready status instantly upgrades Leema’s handmade-in-Wales streaming-capable range

A key software upgrade adds Roon and enables the best-performing Leema Acoustics streamers to date


The latest software instantly upgrades the Welsh company’s streaming products, making the four-strong streaming-capable range the best-performing since launch.

The software upgrade is also readily available for existing streaming product customers for immediate installation. Leema Acoustics has provided comprehensive details of how to install the update hereplus the company’s dealer network is also happy to assist.

Commenting on the new software upgrade and addition of Roon, Leema Acoustics’ Andy Moore said, “Roon is growing in popularity with music lovers globally, therefore, it makes perfect sense for Leema Acoustics to add compatibility across the full range, plus as a side effect of adopting the latest core code, we can also perceive a subtle step up in sound quality, regardless of the chosen audio stream."


Leema Acoustics press contact


Dan George: [email protected] or +44 (0)7899 808918


About Leema Acoustics 


Leema Acoustics is an internationally respected manufacturer of high-performance audio products founded by two ex-BBC sound engineers. Leema products are proudly hand-made in Wales using UK- and European-sourced components.


Founded in 1998, Leema Acoustics’ unique design processes, fanatical attention to detail and pursuit of accurate sound reproduction have seen the company win numerous press accolades in recent times. Today’s Leema Acoustics incorporates the latest technology into a product range that covers electronics, loudspeakers and cables, delivering complete high-performance audio solutions to consumers, with the benefits of expert design, UK hand-assembly and local component sourcing. YouTube bio:

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