Russell K Red 150 floorstanding loudspeaker

Russell K Red 150
Russell K Red 150 floorstanding loudspeaker

What is so great is the Red 150s ability to present the sense and finer points of a performance, whether through scale and dynamics or in subtle nuance, and to do so with simple girl and guitar, driving rock, and complex jazz, or large and small scale orchestral. The Ariel Ramirez Missa Criolla [Naxos] had spaciousness and image depth aplenty, but retained the sense of intimacy of its comparatively small ensemble, whereas the Saint Saëns concerto had been suitably huge. Big band jazz has swing, exuberance, and dynamics, with an uncanny ability to show how the parts fit together in the whole.

In truth, I don’t think it pays to deconstruct the performance to any real degree, it’s far better to appreciate it as a whole. The Red 150s have a rare ability to get the timing and other fundamentals right, perhaps more right than experience has led you to expect, which makes it so much easier to just get on with the business of enjoying music – a remarkable achievement at any price. When I think about other loudspeakers with a similar mix of virtues, I’m struggling to think of any at much less than twice the Red 150s price, which makes them truly extraordinary. 

Editor’s Note: Russell Kauffman is a gifted audio designer, but is not blessed with good photographic luck. The ‘photographer’ he hired took two months to deliver these images, which arrived on the day we went to press. Find a new photographer, Russell!

Technical Specifications

Type: 2½-way, three driver, floorstanding speaker with bass reflex enclosure

Driver complement: one 25mm soft dome tweeter with double ferrite magnet system; two 165mm impregnated paper cone bass/mid units with curved, optimised acoustic profile and 25mm voice coil with aluminium former and high power ferrite magnet

Crossover frequencies: 80Hz (sub-bass roll-off at 6dB/octave) and 2.2kHz (nominal 12dB/octave). All drivers connected in positive phase. Tweeter attenuation by misaligned Zobel network as opposed to conventional L-Pad

Frequency response: (in-room, usable) 20Hz-22kHz

Impedance: 8 Ohms nominal

Sensitivity: 87dB for 1 Watt at 1 Metre

Dimensions (H×W×D): 950 (1000 with plinth)×240×250mm

Weight: 28Kg/each

Finishes: Piano black or piano white gloss; various real wood options with front panel in black

Price: £4000/pair (piano black or white); real wood from approx. £3750/pair

Manufactured by: Russell K Ltd


Distributed by: Kog Audio

Tel: +44 (0)24 7722 0650


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