Russound System Uses iPhone and iPod touch as Touch-Screen Remotes

Russound System Uses iPhone and iPod touch as Touch-Screen Remotes

According to a Russound press release, the Newmarket, NH firm has introduced its new RNET Touchpoint user interface, which allows users to control multiroom Russound systems via their iPhone or iPod touch devices. This move reflects what we suspect will be a growing trend among A/V equipment manufacturers; namely, leveraging Apple’s visually appealing and seemingly ubiquitous touchscreen devices in order to provide a more comfortable and familiar system control environment.

Russound Product Manager Roger Soucy observes that RNET Touchpoint “is more than an application for the iPhone or iPod touch,” adding that it is instead “a true IP-to-serial control interface that gives users a convenient, one-touch wireless control solution, through a platform that they’re already comfortable with…”

The heart of the system is a component called the Touchpoint TCHS1, which is “a network connected device that works with any IP-based wireless LAN, and serves up customized interface screens that can be viewed with the built-in Safari browser on either an Apple iPhone or iPod touch.” According to the Russound release, the end goal it to give users “one-touch access to control functions for any zone or source component in a Russound RNET multiroom audio system.”

The Russound RNET Touchpoint TCH1 control system for the Apple iPhone and iPod touch ($599) will become available in June.

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