Scandyna’s Dock Pack/Micropod SE System Is Pretty In Pink

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Scandyna’s Dock Pack/Micropod SE System Is Pretty In Pink

Toftlund, Denmark-based Scandyna has made its name on small, well-made, sleek speaker systems, such as the iPod-compatible, self-powered Dock Pack/Micropod SE system reviewed in Playback issue 12. But according to a recent company release, prospective customers now have an option never before available; namely, that of buying their Dock Pack systems in a fashionable new Pink finish.

According to the release the Pink Dock Pack system ($300) will be available at Saks Fifth Avenue New York and at “high end audio dealers in more than 800 stores in over 30 countries.” The release quotes Scandyna Marketing Director Winnie Hansen as saying “we felt that our consumers would be pleased with a chic and stylish addition to the Dock Pack line.” Hansen went on to add that “pink is a favorite among many consumers and we are delighted to be included in the exquisite selection of goods from Saks Fifth Avenue.”

Price: $300

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