Screen Innovations Announces CURVE Reference Fixed Screen Frames

Screen Innovations Announces CURVE Reference Fixed Screen Frames

Austin, TX-based Screen Innovations, manufacturer of high performance home theater screens, announced the release of its new CURVE Reference Fixed screen frame, which can be used with a variety of SI’s available screen materials, includig the firm’s award-winning, ultra-high contrast Black Diamond screen material (see the review of SI’s Black Diamond screen published in Playback issue 9).

Why go with a curved rather than a traditional flat screen? According to SI’s lead product development manager Tim Freemyer, curved screen frames are particularly appropriate “in installations where the throw is very short (1.6 or less) and pincushion distortion becomes an issue.” Freemyer also praises curved screens for their ability to engage viewers more fully, adding that, “the slight curvature of the screen gives the impression of the image wrapping around you and involving you in the action to an even greater degree.”

A company release explains that “curved screens help compensate the pincushion distortion that occurs when an expansion-based anamorphic lens is used because an inward-curving screen naturally produces a form of ‘barrel’ distortion which can partially compensate for the ‘pincushion’ from the lens.”

The SI release goes on to say that “curved screens can deliver a more uniformly illuminated image for centrally localized seating with less ‘hot-spotting; since light that would normally be reflected to the side is instead more effectively directed back to the seating area.”

For more information, including online product tutorials and a screen calculator, visit:

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