SCV Named Empire Ears UK Distributor

Earphones and in-ear monitors
SCV Named Empire Ears UK Distributor

Unique & Groundbreaking Design

True to the audiophile high standards that Empire Ears embodues, the components that makes up each IEM are firmly on the cutting edge of listening technology.

Among a number of proprietary component designs utilised across the Empire Ears product range are Weapon IX, a 9mm dynamic driver subwoofer system capable of bringing tonal impact as well as full and rich quality to general listening; ARC, a unique anti-resonance compound that absorbs in-shell IEM resonance to reduce ear fatigue; and synX, a crossover network which delineates signals intelligently into multiple bands to isolate frequency ranges and deliver a pure, uncoloured soundstage emulating the effect of sitting at the mixing board at the music’s conception.

To ensure a true luxury audio experience, build quality also ranks as a high priority for Empire Ears’ development process. Be it silver-plated copper cabling, jewel tone custom design shells or exotic burl wood face plates, every single piece of the IEM puzzle – both inside and out – is meticulously crafted to effortlessly align with the human ear and deliver the highest level of musical enjoyment possible.

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