SCV Named Empire Ears UK Distributor

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SCV Named Empire Ears UK Distributor

Presenting The IEM Empire

The Empire Ears range currently consists of four unique models available in universal in-ear fit, or in a custom fitting available by special request...


Empire’s flagship tribrid model, powered by an impressive eleven inpidual drivers including two Weapon IX subwoofers.  

Legend X

A hybrid design harnessing the power of balanced armature speakers combined with W9 subs and supported by synX crossover network.


A quad configuration driver assembly supported by synX and ARC, finished with dazzling titanium blizzard faceplates.


Empire Ears’ valiant offering for the world’s highest performing dual driver IEM featuring a W9 sub along with Knowles & Sonion balanced armature speakers.


The world’s very first Quad Electrostatic IEM, featuring four electrostatic drivers along with seven balanced armatures organised by Empire Ears’ unique EIVEC electrostatic control technology.

Each of the 5 models mentioned is due to land in the UK from early September 2020.

For further information on Empire Ears including product specifications, pricing, availability or becoming a UK dealer, reach out to our consumer audio sales department.

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