Show Report: AXPONA 2014 - Analogue Audio

Record-cleaning machines


Clearaudio ‘tables (and other analogue components) figured prominently in several difference demo rooms, but two of my favourites were the all-Clearaudio turntable/tonearm/phono cartridge combo being used in the Dynaudio/Simaudio demo room, and the Clearaudio Master Innovation, which served as the platform for Graham’s all-new Phantom Elite tonearm.

After show hours proper were over I had the privilege of spending some time in the Dynaudio/Simaudio room, Where Dynaudio maven Mike Manousselis had put away most of the ‘audiophile’ discs and was instead spinning vinyl from favourite rock/pop/alternative groups. The Clearaudio rog played right along, proving it was ready, willing, and able to ‘kick out the jams.’


Funk Firm

The Funk Firm’s two major highlights for Axpona were its new Flamenca turntable with F6 tonearm ($1495), and a new 12-inch version of its flagship FXR tonearm (which was seen in action in several demo rooms, as shown in the Acoustic Signature photos, above).

The F6 arm ($595, if purchased separately), features an unorthodox but ingenious thread-based suspension/pivot system (see photo).


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