Show Report: AXPONA 2014 - Analogue Audio

Record-cleaning machines

Music Hall

Music Hall was showing its elegant and (relatively) affordable Ikura turntable ($1,195), whose deceptively simple appearance—as viewed from above—conceals the fact that the table uses a sophisticated, plinth-on-plinth design where the upper and lower plinths are, by design, isolated from one another.

Though not a new product, Music Hall’s MMF 5.1 turntable was deserving of a photo, if only because the blood-red beast was fitted with a whimsical third-party platter mat made (I swear I am not making this up) of cowhide and dubbed the ‘Moo Mat.’

Finally, Music Hall was exhibiting its ultra-beefy, ultra-heavy-duty record cleaning machine, known as the WCS-2 ($750). The name, by the way, stands for ‘Washes, Cleans, and SUCKS…” (no, I’m not making that one up, either).


Though not a brand new model, Rega’s skeletal RP-8 turntable/tonearm (frequently bundled with the firm’s Apheta moving coil phone cartridge) continues to attract attention and is reported to be selling very briskly. A brief listen will show you precisely the sonic appeal of this innovative and well-priced analogue combo.


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