Show Report: AXPONA 2014 - Digital Audio

Disc players,
Digital-to-analog converters,
Music servers and computer audio

Bricasti Design

Some years back Hi-Fi+ reviewed the original Bricasti Design M1 DAC and found it to be one of the finest we had ever tested at the time. But, not content to rest upon its laurels, Bricasti has put the M1 through a process of continuing improvement and refinement so that today’s M1s are even better and now feature DSD playback functionality. Company President Brian Zolner pointed out that all circuit stages in the M1, including the DAC stage and everything downstream of it, support a true, balanced output configuration (again, including ‘balanced’ sets of DACs, if you will). The M1 DAC/preamp sells for $8,995.



Calyx’s FemtoDAC/preamp ($6,850) was being used as the primary source component feeding a very high-performance Allnic-powered high-end headphone display (see ‘Allnic’ under our Headphones, etc. coverage). Also shown were the Calyx Femti Amp ($1,950), the 200 Wpc CTI integrated amplifier ($2,499), and 24/192 DAC ($1,950).


Many products claim to be ‘all-in-one’ designs, but Cyrus’ Lyric 9 ($6,499) appears to be the real deal. It serves as (and please bear with us as this going to be a long list) a CD player, a multi-input 24/192 DAC, a DAB and FM tuner, an aptX Bluetooth-enabled and iDevice compatible wireless music player, a UPnP or DLNA streamer, and as a 170 Wpc integrated amplifier. That’s an awful lot of functionality neatly fitted into one small box.


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