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As discussed earlier, Delta NR is all about eliminating power-borne noise from component to component. If you want to know how big an influence this can be, if your system is mounted on a single power distribution block that has one or preferably two spare sockets, try this: put a plug-top mobile phone charger into one of the spare sockets and hear what it does to your system. Plug in the Delta NR (not necessarily connected to anything) and the phone charger seems to go away. That’s the moment you get what Delta NR does, and you’ll find yourself buying one per product. The effects are sort of cumulative, in that each product both introduces its own power nasties and reacts to the power nasties of other products in the system, but it doesn’t mean the effects improve exponentially, just that at each additional Delta NR, the system gets a little bit more honest, more detailed, and less ‘electronicky’ sounding. What’s perhaps equally surprising is just how much of this general murkiness we learn to accommodate, and how large a transformation it makes in being systematically reduced.

It could be easy to fall into the gravitational pull of cliché-world here and discuss how this lowers the noise floor of a system, because the Shunyata Research Delta NR cables do seem to make the background hash of audio electronics seem to drop slightly. But ‘inky black silences’ are more a by-product than a goal here. Instead, what Delta NR does so well is let a product sound like it ought to sound. It’s the way it makes the amplifier sound like it’s not struggling at high-frequencies quite as much as it did before, or the way that DAC just seems to sound less artificial and more like real organic music. And yes, some of that comes as a result of ‘limpid pools of pellucidity’ but it’s the music not the paddling pool that counts here – a calmness and poise that Delta NR brings to the music playing through your system.

This isn’t a power cord for those who want to shape the sound of their system, but for those who want to experience their system in true honesty. That could be something of a double-edged sword: Delta NR and EF are affordable enough to be used with some relatively prosaic audio electronics and while some of this will shine, in some cases both Deltas will act like a microscope and showcase the flaws inherent in your system. However, in most systems you will be more impressed by what your gear is capable of, even if sometimes that comes with some over-exposure.

Shunyata Research Delta power cords are possibly the most ‘now’ thing you can use in audio. Thanks to a lot of products with cheap and nasty switch mode power supplies pumping nasties into your local mains, good audio is fighting a losing battle for sound. Delta fights in your corner.

Price and contact details

Prices: Delta NR £770 (1.75m cable); Delta EF £660 (1.75m cable)

Manufactured by: Shunyata Research


Distributed in the UK by: the Shunyata Distribution company

Tel: +44(0) 330 223 3769


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