Silverline Minuet Supreme Loudspeaker (TAS 211)

Silverline Minuet Supreme

Even the real rosewood veneer on the Minuet Supremes was chosen as much for its sonic effect as aesthetics. “There are so many different wood veneers available. Personally, I prefer the Danish rosewood veneer we're using on the Minuet Supreme. The sound from this veneer is more ‘organic’ than other veneers I tried.”

As Yun said, “To build a very small mini-monitor without giving away quality is very challenging, especially under the restrictions of a budget. Still, the Minuet Supreme has PP capacitors, 6N copper internal wiring, bi-wireable high-quality binding posts, machined and brushed anodized solid aluminum speaker binding post boards. They are all hand-assembled, and the serial number is engraved by the designer himself after final testing.” Getting all this in a speaker that sells for $600 a pair would have been unthinkable only a few years ago.

Let’s Dance

Back in 2007 Neil Gader reviewed the original Minuet speakers. He found the originals to be “gregarious and voluble with a hint of spotlighting on top. Harmonically the Minuet has an intrinsic sweetness that just won’t quit… Although it attains some impressively high SPLs, when stressed it will sit on vocals a bit, pushing them back a couple rows…like every mini-speaker I know of, the Minuet can’t summon the linearity and sheer gravitas that larger multi-driver speakers extend to the lower frequencies…if your tastes run strictly to Mahler or Metallica it might be a bit overmatched, otherwise the Minuet is musicality personified.”

The Minuet Supreme retains all the sonic strengths of the original model, but adds greater dynamic range to the mix. Although I still wouldn’t recommend the Minuet Supremes for a large or even middle-sized room, in a small room tethered to at least one subwoofer the Minuets can deliver an amazing amount of both detail and musicality. Because I like using gear in its most appropriate setting, most of the time I used the Minuets in my desktop system (see the equipment box) where they delivered high SPLs with no hint of sonic distress. My personal peak SPL levels came long before the Minuet’s.

Even in a desktop setting, less than two feet away, the Minuet Supremes do a superb disappearing act. They rival the Role Kayaks in their ability to produce a complete picture of the soundstage with no hint as to the actual location of the drivers or box. My test for this is simple; I close my eyes, spin around in my chair a couple of times, and then try to pick out where the speakers are. With the Minuet Supremes I failed miserably.

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