Snapshots from RMAF 2013 - Loudspeakers



Emerald Physics speakers are controlled-directivity, dynamic-driver-equipped dipoles that come with DSP-driver electronic crossovers and typically are meant either to be bi-amplified or else used with powered subwoofers (depending on the Emerald model in question).

Under guidance from Emerald Physics’ owner Walter Liedermann (who is also an expert online high-end audio retailer), the original Emerald Physics models have seen several useful improvements and general enhancements in build quality. What is more, Liedermann’s innovative marketing concepts help make it easy for prospective owners to assemble complete Emerald Physics-based systems at unexpectedly manageable prices. Here Liedermann demonstrates his entry-level CS3 Mk2, which is frequently sold with REL subwoofers, as shown here.

One example of Liedermann’s marketing innovations involves the fact that he often quotes two prices for any given Emerald Physics model: one price for buyers who are certain they want the speakers and another (higher) price for those who would prefer to buy with the right to return the speakers after a brief home trial period.


New from Focal for the show is a range of speakers that use the firm’s fascinating new Flax-based driver (and no, they haven’t gone on a high-fibre diet). Basically, Flax grasses are used, along with man-made glass-fibre materials, as the matrices within the composite materials used for the speakers’ midrange and mid-bass drivers.

Focal’s US distributor, Daniel Jacques of Audio Plus Services, stands beside one of Focal’s new Flax-driver-equipped model and the Devialet 170 amplifier/DAC used to drive it (Jacque is also the US distributor for Devialet).

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