Snapshots from RMAF 2013 - Loudspeakers



German Physiks showed a set of its Unlimited Mk II omnidirectional loudspeakers (as recently reviewed by Alan Sircom in Hi-Fi+), which were sounding lovely indeed. Listeners of a certain age will look at the German Physiks models and be reminded of the 1970’s vintage Ohm F loudspeakers with Walsh drivers, but the fact is that German Physiks has as this point taken the performance of the Walsh-type driver to far higher levels than inventor Lincoln Walsh might ever have imagined.


David Janszen shows off the JansZen zA2.1 hybrid electrostat, which—from now through the end of the year—can be purchased factory direct for $7,495, or from authorised dealers after the end of the year at a price of $8,750/pr. The zA2.1 features two electrostatic panels (of which Mr. Janszen in holding a sample in the photo shown here), a side-firing ring-radiator-type ambience driver, and two 7-inch mid-bass drivers.


The German firm Lindemann (electronics, source components) teamed with the loudspeaker maker Manger (specifically, a manufacturer of active—and not merely “self-powered”—loudspeakers) to create a demo of uncommon sonic purity and great beauty.  In fact, we found a visit to the Lindemann/Manger room afforded a welcome respite from the sonic bombast and hoopla so often prevalent at hi-fi shows.  Because the Manger speakers have built-in amplifiers, electronic crossovers, etc., they really need nothing more than a preamp and source components(s), which functions are beautifully addressed by Lindemann’s very cool Music Book 25.


The US-based electronics firm ModWright Instruments teamed with the European speaker maker Marten to offer a compelling demonstration room featuring Marten’s Getz speakers (many Marten models are named for great jazz artists).


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