Snapshots from RMAF 2013 - Loudspeakers



MBL North America, headed by Jeremy Bryan ably assisted by his wife Tara, put on a terrific demonstration featuring MBL 116 loudspeakers, Corona-series monoblock amps, the Corona preamp, and a wondrous United Home Audio reel-to-reel tape deck. Trust us on this one: you really haven’t lived until you’ve heard a dub of a master tape of Rush’s “Red Barchetta” played at or very near concert volume levels through the ever-capable MBL 116s. Wow! Can you say “dynamic headroom to burn?” Yes, indeed we can.

Fresh from the mind-melting experience of hearing those dubbed Rush master tapes, Hi-Fi+ Advertising Manager Tom Hackforth takes a closer look at the MBL 116s


For RMAF Neat Acoustic ran two demo rooms, one highlighting the superb Ultimatum XL10 and the other showing the new-to-the-US Motive SX range.  Here we see US distributor Paul Manos stands besides a set of Motive SX 2s that undeniably (and quite literally) look “pretty in pink.”

As the SX2s played, a pair of Motive SX 1 and SX3s at the side of the room awaited their turns in the demo system.

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