Snapshots from RMAF 2013 - Loudspeakers



RMAF 2012 marked the debut of Wilson Audio’s Alexia loudspeaker, but in our estimation it has rarely sounded better than it did at this year’s shows when driven by Luke Manley’s spectacular new VTL S400-MkII fully balanced valve-type amplifier. For some, in fact, there was the keen sense of finally being able to hear the true potential of the Alexia design realized.


YG Acoustics joined forces with Mola-Mola electronics and Kubala-Sosna to create what many in attendance felt was one of the most compelling demonstration rooms at RMAF. The demo featured YG’s new two-piece, full-range Sonja 1.2 loudspeakers, which share a similar core platform with the firm’s even larger Sonja 1.3. The 1.2s, however, were all the speaker needed to fill the relatively large Marriott demo room in which they were placed and they synergized beautifully with the Mola-Mola electronics and Kubala-Sosna cables to produce a sound at once highly transparent and very sharply focused, yet full of natural warmth and dynamic life (a balance that is very difficult to achieve).

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