Sonner Legato Duo Floorstanding Loudspeaker

Sonner Audio Legato Duo
Sonner Legato Duo Floorstanding Loudspeaker

What is ‘real’? Does that question take you back to philosophy lessons, watching The Matrix, or perhaps a college dorm room far past midnight? Please let me clarify, then; in a hi-fi context, what constitutes ‘realistic’ sound from a loudspeaker? Some among us would answer this important question by pointing to binders of testing reports replete with pristine measurements, but I think the majority of audiophiles would argue that a truly ‘real’ sounding loudspeaker is best measured informally in your very own living room. Can your choice in loudspeaker actually can take you away to feel the humidity in that New Orleans jazz club, to an electrically-charged evening in London’s O2 arena, or right into the cramped quarters of Memphis’ Sun Studios circa 1954 with the King recording in his prime? If you second this informal but highly effective test of ‘real’ sound it would behove you to take a long hard look at USA-based speaker manufacturer Sonner Audio’s new floorstanding loudspeaker, the Legato Duo. While Sonner is a relative newcomer on the scene, its primary design goal is a laudable and mature one: namely, to provide music lovers with a tantalisingly natural sound experience that allows the listener a true connection to the artist. Yes, the Legato Duo’s quality materials and impressive measurements are present and accounted for, but in order to differentiate itself in a crowded market, Sonner wishes to hang its hat on playback ideals that you would expect to hear at a ‘real’ live event: killer imaging, startling transparency, and accurate soundstaging. 

Lets take a minute right off the bat to address an elephant in the room. Spending thousands on a new pair of speakers made by a company you might not know very well can be a nerve-wracking outlay of capital. A buyer comfortable shopping at this price point needs to be confident that they are checking several boxes in their speaker purchase: long term reliability, aesthetic wow-factor, and of course outstanding performance to name just a few. The challenge to overcome the consumer’s information gap and gift wrap a warm and fuzzy feeling is whole heartedly embraced by the good, friendly folks at Sonner Audio. Sonner believes the more you learn about its team-driven company culture, the more likely you will be to embrace their forward-thinking approach.

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