Sony D-VE 7000S DVD player

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Sony D-VE 7000s
Sony D-VE 7000S DVD player

Sony D-VE 7000S DVD player

I've been using the nifty Sony D-VE 7000S DVD player for the past few weeks to handle a job that has previously frustrated me.  

If you have an SACD and/or DVD-A player that does not have a built-in display, you soon find that you wish it had one. In my case, my universal players are hooked up to my Qualia projector, but that means that accessing a menu on the SACD/DVD-A player involves putting the screen down, firing up the projector and then reversing the process when you're done.Too much hassle.  

The $200 D-VE 7000S solves that. Just connect it to the composite video output of the universal player and presto, instant menu access in a small enough size that the screen can be right on top of the player.  

The D-VE 7000S also has a built-in DVD drive, so you have a portable DVD player as part of the bargain.Be forewarned that to hit the $200 price point with a 7-inch wide screen, Sony has opted for a low-resolution 480 x 243 display. It looks pretty grainy on movies. However, for text it is readable, and that's all you really need for menu navigation.

Sony D-VE 7000S photo from Amazon

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