SRS iWOW Software/Hardware Upgrades Promise Amazing iPod Sound

SRS iWOW Software/Hardware Upgrades Promise Amazing iPod Sound

Santa Ana, CA-based SRS Labs is probably best known for its virtual surround sound technologies, which have been licensed for use in many major brands of flat panel TVs, but now the firm has turned its attention to improving iPod/iTunes sound quality in two ways.

First, SRS has announced its compact iWOW adaptor module for iPods, which plugs into the traditional Apple 30-pin connector and provides what SRS terms “a thrilling and immersive music and video experience over earbuds and headphones.” The module uses patented SRS technologies said to restore “audio cues that are buried in the original source material so music, videos and podcasts sound remarkably more natural, with renewed depth and clarity,” as well as “ultra-clear high frequency definition and deep, rich bass.” The iWOW adaptor can be used with iPod Classic, iPod Touch, iPod Nano 3G, and more. The suggested retail price for the iWOW adapter is $100.

Second, SRS has introduced its iWOW Premium software plug-in for iTunes for PC and Mac, which offers sonic benefits comparable to those of the iWOW hardware adaptor, but with a much broader range of control options. According to SRS, iWOW Premium “provides the ability to personalize acoustic preferences with an array of music and video presets, like rock, classical, jazz, blues, country and more.” Suggested retail price for iWOW Premium is $80.

For the holiday season, SRS is offering special holiday pricing on iWOW products as follows: iWOW adapter for iPod ($80), iWOW Premium ($50), or a Holiday Bundle containing both products for $100.

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