Stack Audio LINK II Debut

Stack Audio LINK II Debut

Stack Audio announces its new LINK II USB Network bridge for audiophiles.

The Stack Audio LINK, launched in early 2019 and was introduced as a high-performance USB audio reclocker and network bridge. The LINK’s design enabled users to seamlessly access their favourite music.

Boasting support for streaming music services like Qobuz, Spotify and Tidal, the LINK’s USB component was both isolated and optimised for use with the vast array of USB DACs on the market. 

The LINK, despite being in its infancy, received universal praise from customers and critics alike. This success has provided Stack Audio with both the confidence and resources to evolve and improve the LINK’s hardware and software design, ease of use, and most importantly its performance. The result being the new LINK II.

The LINK’s chassis design and finish remains the same. No sense fixing that which is not broken.” It is on the inside where the real changes were made:

  • The critical master clock circuit has been upgraded, the new “heartbeat” of the unit. This addition has reduced the clock’s noise levels by an astounding 50%, giving more clarity to the output than ever before.
  • Operating system software has been streamlined. With its smaller footprint fewer computing resources are necessary to better the performance.
  • For our many Roon users, the software has been further optimized for this much-loved application.
  • Open Home protocol support, this is so the LINK II appears as a OH zone.
  • The LINK OS previously worked with UPnP, Roon and Airplay®. In addition to the previously supported software, the new LINK OS now supports Squeezelite and Liberspot (Spotify Connect®). Furthermore, the new OS will soon support HQ player end point.
  • DSD256 now supported a step up from DSD128 in the original LINK.

The new LINK II is available now and will ship with the new software. Existing LINK owners can upgrade to the new software platform should they wish to. LINK customers should contact Stack Audio directly.

The LINK II is available now in Silver or Black for £725, €825, $895.     

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