Starting Points: Peachtree Audio deepblue2 Bluetooth loudspeaker

Peachtree Audio deepblue2 Bluetooth speaker

The deepblue2 driver array itself consists of a single 6.5-inch woofer that handles shared left/right-channel bass duties, plus separate left/right sets of 3-inch midrange drivers and 1-inch tweeters. Powering this three-way array is a more than ample Peachtree-developed 440-watt amplifier. The result is a Bluetooth speaker that, more so than most others of its breed, is capable of robust, room-filling sound and surprisingly deep bass extension (hence, I think, the name ‘deepblue2’).

The input and control structure of the deepblue2 is blessedly simple. The speaker supports just three inputs: Bluetooth, optical SP/DIF, and a stereo analogue input via a 3.5mm mini-jack input. Controls are very simple. On the top of the deepblue2  one finds five control buttons; from left-to-right there is a Bluetooth enable/pairing button, an input select button (to toggle back and forth between the analogue and optical SP/DIF input), an on/off switch, and a pair of discrete volume up/down switches. In addition, the unit ships with a handy remote control that duplicates the top-panel control switches while also adding a pair of bass level up/down switches and a mute switch. In short, this is the sort of device that newbies can figure out in a just a matter of minutes (or less). Rows of front-facing blue and white LEDs temporarily illuminate to indicate, respectively, relative volume and bass balance levels whenever users adjust either parameter.

A few weeks ago we wrote a blog about another excellent entry-level Bluetooth speaker: the $350 Riva Turbo X. Some of you, therefore, might be wondering how the deepblue2 stacks up in comparison. Here’s the short form analysis.

The Riva Turbo X is hands down the best sounding compact, portable, battery-powered Bluetooth speaker we’ve encountered to date, and one whose Surround and Turbo modes give the pint-sized speaker both an unexpectedly big and uncannily three-dimensional sound. The deepblue2, however, is the best sounding Bluetooth speaker we’ve ever heard, period. It is bigger than the Riva, is not battery powered and thus is ‘transportable’ but not truly ‘portable’ in the sense that the Riva is, and it is the more costly of the two products. But what the deepblue2’s extra size, more sophisticated driver array, 440-watt amplifier, and mains-powered configuration deliver is a significant jump in outright performance. While both units deserve consideration as leaders in their respective classes, the deepblue2 simply offers a broader sonic performance envelope than the much smaller and significantly less costly Turbo X.

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