Starting Points: Peachtree Audio deepblue2 Bluetooth loudspeaker

Peachtree Audio deepblue2 Bluetooth speaker

What I mean by the term ‘broader sonic performance envelope’ is this. First, the deepblue2 offers far more robust dynamics than any other Bluetooth speaker I’ve yet heard. In a moderately sized office environment, your ears will probably cry ‘Uncle!’ long before the deepblue2 does, and similarly it is a single-box unit that I think would be completely at home in many mid-size and even some large listening spaces.

Second, the deepblue2 offers a viable alternative to entry-level hi-fi system sound, in part because it offers both a more elaborate driver array and a more powerful amplifier than many low-to-mid-price entry-level stereo systems do. The only caveat I might mention is that, like any high-quality speaker system, the deepblue2 benefits from a certain amount of run-in time. I’m still in the early going, but even within the first 45 minutes to an hour of operation I found the deepblue2 progressed from the relatively constricted, ‘uptight’ sound it exhibited straight out of the box  to a much more relaxed, refined, and full-bodied presentation. Over the next several hours of listening the deepblue2 has continued to improve, so I really can’t say just yet how good it may eventually become, although things are sounding very promising thus far.

Finally, in keeping with the ‘deep’ part of its name, the deepblue2 offers uncommonly potent and pleasantly extended bass—bass that is more than competitive with the low frequency output of most comparably priced sets of mini-monitors I have heard. While the deepblue2 won’t plumb the depths in quite the way that a good full-range floor standing loudspeaker might do, it nevertheless reads as a more or less full-range transducer, which is a claim few mini-monitors and even fewer competing Bluetooth speakers could make with a straight face.

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