Starting Points: Peachtree Audio deepblue2 Bluetooth loudspeaker

Peachtree Audio deepblue2 Bluetooth speaker

As I am writing this blog, I’ve been listening to Tim Ries’ superb Stones World; The Rolling Stones Project, which is a lovely but also dynamically demanding CD set, through the deepblue2. And do you know what? It sounds good—really good, not dynamically overstressed or lacking for bass or treble extension in any significant way.  What is more, the many brass, percussion, and wind instruments highlighted on the disc have real bite and energy, with very good rendition of timbres and tonal colours.  Quite frankly, I know of no other $499 playback system that could do a better job, whether we are talking about a single-box system like the deepblue2 or a very modest multi-piece stereo system. And that, I think, is precisely what makes the deepblue2 such a desirable high-end audio starting point; it gives listeners a big, full-bodied, and surprisingly accomplished sound, yet without taking up a whole lot of space and without putting Titanic-smacks-the-iceberg-sized holes in buyer’s budgets.  What’s not to like about that?

Watch for a future full-length Hi-Fi+ review of Peachtree Audio’s deepblue2. Until then, happy listening.

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