Starting Points: Riva Turbo X Bluetooth loudspeaker

ADX/Riva Turbo X


To help turn the small-size/big-sound dream into a practical reality, ADX/Riva has equipped the Turbo X with a 45-watt, three-channel amplifier, a seven-driver internal speaker array, and two very sophisticated sound processing modes.

The first is called the Turbo mode (from which the product draws its name), which allows the Turbo X to bump up its output levels by about 6dB versus normal listening levels, with maximum output of about 100dB. One of the first things newcomers notice about the Turbo X is that it plays much more loudly and with less apparent strain, than any other device of its size that I’ve yet head. Indeed, the Turbo X makes many other Bluetooth speakers sound like skinny, tinny-sounding, 98-pound weaklings getting sand kicked in their faces at the beach. Think of Turbo mode, then, as a ‘kick out the jams’ mode that is perfect for those moments when temporary musical boisterousness is precisely what your music requires. The only caveat is that Turbo mode operation will run the Turbo X’s battery down much more rapidly than normal operation (though you can still get about six hours of playing time with Turbo mode engaged and the volume cranked up).

The second is ADX’s proprietary Trillium Surround mode, which—unlike many circuits of its type—really does enable the Turbo X to produce convincingly wide, deep, three-dimensional soundstages, yet without sounding garish or artificial. To my way of thinking the Trillium Surround mode is the magic ‘X’ factor that enables the Turbo X to rise above its competition. I say this because the mode offers a generous (indeed, almost unbelievable) amount of perceived breadth and depth, but delivers these qualities is such a natural and convincing way that in practice many may find they want to leave the Surround mode engaged all the time.

Finally, the Turbo X has a pleasing user interface, with top plate-mounted, capacitive touch-sensitive control switches and Riva’s available Ground Control apps for Apple and Android devices. The unit also ships with a useful mix of accessory I/O cables, plus a power supply/charger and power cord.

Riva also offers an optional padded carrycase that lets users take the speaker, its various accoutrements, and power supply/charger with them where ever they wish to go.

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