Starting Points: Riva Turbo X Bluetooth loudspeaker

ADX/Riva Turbo X

Size, Convenience, and Versatilty:

The compact Turbo X measures 105mm high x 230mm wide x 89mm deep, and weighs just 1.6kg. The unit is offered either in attractive gloss black or gloss white finishes with silver trim. Atop the unit is the aforementioned row of touch-sensitive capacitive switches; controls include a power on/off switch, a Trillium Surround “S” mode switch, an input switch, volume up/down switches, and a Turbo “T” mode switch. If you look closely, the top plate also sports two tiny openings for the Turbo X’s noise-cancelling microphones, which help give the Turbo X speakerphone capabilities.

By pressing various combinations of top panel control buttons, users can set or disable a Key Lock function, accept/reject/disconnect phone calls from a paired smartphone, can enable—get this—a Phono Mode, or can restore Factory default settings, if desired. In other words, there are more functions and features available in the Turbo X than at first meet the eye.

On the rear panel, one finds an auxiliary analogue input, a USB mini-port that is presently reserved for software and other (unspecified) future upgrades, a master battery on/off switch, a colour-coded battery status light, an iPod/iPhone charging port, and an inlet socket for the Turbo X’s 19V power supply. Riva thoughtfully provides soft rubber pads to prevent the Turbo X from scratching surfaces upon which it is placed, but one of those pads is detachable and can be re-positioned to plug-up rear-panel sockets, thus giving the Turbo X a degree of ‘splash-resistance’ when it’s taken to the beach (but note: giving the Turbo X the full-on Jacques Cousteau undersea treatment is emphatically not recommended).

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