Styl:us Show 2016


A newcomer to the domestic audio world, Protec Audio Supports uses its pro-audio heritage to produce high-performance, low cost equipment supports, including this turntable wall shelf with optional colour changing LED panel

The PreAudio range of tangential tracking turntables is gaining a lot of friends, in part thanks to its low cost, high-performance appeal. The models - bundled complete with a matching Audio Technica cartridge - range from the £1,200 AT-1602 to the new ATM-1401 flagship pictured, which comes complete with an ART-9 cartridge for £7,900

Even Sony was getting in on the act, with its vinyl-ripping-to-DSD PS-HX500 turntable first seen at CES 2016

Townshend was showing a prototype of its Seismic Platform specifically for the Technics SL1200 turntable, and the effect of its Seismic bars on loudspeakers, but it's perhaps the sentiment of the slipmat that sums this show up best!

Vinyl Passion was one of the many companies at the exhibition demonstrating modified Linn LP12s. This one was a real beauty in the flesh!

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