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Synergistic Research Foundation

Foundation has the added bonus that for more attainably priced systems, it covers its tracks well and could stay in a system for the long haul; in fact, it’s only when you insert them in a monumentally high-end wide bandwidth system do you begin to crave even more detail and extension… which points you further up the Synergistic range. And best of all, it makes systems sound coherent and entertaining and both of those qualities seem to evaporate at Synergistic’s removal. 

Synergistic Research has taken the technologies used in its top cables and trickled down to an affordable level without sacrifice. Foundation is an excellent, er, bedrock in audio that can make a potentially good system into a really great one. 

Price and Contact details

Synergistic Research Foundation interconnect cables: $599 1m RCA (as tested)

Synergistic Research Foundation loudspeaker cables: $648 8’ spade lugs (as tested)

Manufacturer: Synergistic Research


UK Distributor: Electromod


Tel: +44(0)1494 956558

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