Synergistic Research system tuning (Part 2)

Power filters,
Equipment racks and stands,
Room treatments
Synergistic Research Atmosphere,
Synergistic Research Atmosphere Tuning Module,
Synergistic Research Black Box,
Synergistic Research Grounding Block,
Synergistic Research HFT,
Synergistic Research High-Resolution Grounding cables,
Synergistic Research Tranquility Base UEF,
Synergistic Research UEF Acoustic Dots,
Synergistic Research UEF Acoustic Panels

It’s almost incorrect to consider this equipment ‘tuning’, although with Atmosphere there is a component of adjusting the settings of the tuning system on the fly to best suit your music and your mood. Instead, what a lot of this equipment does is act like a time machine, casting you back to a period when audio sounded good because we didn’t swim in a sea of radio frequency and electromagnetic interference. With the current increase in local Wi-Fi usage (I currently register 15 different wireless routers broadcasting within 30m of where I sit… and I’m not sitting in a Wi-Fi hot zone), this constant noise passing through our audio systems is potentially undermining every piece of music we play, and Synergistic Research is trying to redress the balance. True, open-minded audio investigators will find a lot to love here!

Prices and Contact details


UEF Acoustic Panels: $549 for a 4 pack

UEF Acoustic Dots: $195 for a 5 pack

HFT: $299 for a 5 pack

Black Box: $1995 each

Grounding block: $595 each

High-Resolution Grounding cables: $395 each

Tranquility Base UEF: $2,250 each

Atmosphere: $2,495 each

Atmosphere Tuning Module: $495 each

Manufactured by:
Synergistic Research, Inc.


Tel: Within the United States:
+1 (800) 578-6489

Outside the United States:
+1 (949) 476-0000

Distributed in the UK by: Electromod


Tel: +44 (0)1494 956558

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