T+A Solitaire P headphones/HA 200 headphone amplifier

Headphone amps and amp/DACs
T+A Elektroakustik HA 200,
T+A Elektroakustik Solitaire P

There’s not much missing here. I’d like an analogue line output from the HA 200, so it can be used as a digital hub in its own right. The absence of streaming is less of a concern in personal audio, because the implication is wherever your headphones are, that’s where your computer is, and your computer takes on the whole streaming role.

The T+A combination isn’t the Rolls Royce of personal audio; it’s the Maybach of headphone listening enjoyment. It’s every bit as refined and a lot less ‘bling’ than the latest Rollers and much more in line with the outrageously well-made Mercedes for those whom the S-Class is not enough. 

Price and contact details

T+A Solitaire P: £5,000

HA 200: £6,600 

Manufacturer: T+A Elektroakustik

URL: ta-hifi.de

UK Distributor: The Audio Business

URL: theaudiobusiness.co.uk

Tel: +44(0)1225 704669

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